Tuesday, 19 July 2011

sHephErd"s pIe =)

Hola peePs.. as prOmiSed, tOdAy, i"ll upLoad mY sHeperd"s pIe pIctuRes.. sOry fOr the quaLity oF thE phOtoS.. i"m jUst uSing mY pHonE.. dIffErenT pHonE.. mY oLd 1 iS totALLy OuT.. hEv sUm probLems wIth d sCreeN.. neeD sUm TimE to rEpAir d oLd pHonE.. Tp, nOt to wOrrY.. mOst importAntLy, i hEv d pIctUres.. hAha.. nEEd to teLL u 1 thIng guYs.. whEneVer i cOOked oR bAkeD, i"m aLwayS cOncErn bOut maMa.. wHy? beCauSe sHe'S too fUssY bOut fOod.. sHe dOesnt eAt this, sHe dOesNt eAt tHat.. bUt tHis 1, is dEfiniteLy heR nEw fAvourItE!!!! yAy!! i cAnt aCtuaLLy rEmembeR wHeRE i fOund thE recipe.. i jUst wrOte thEm oN a pIecE of papEr.. hihi.. sO, ReciPe foLLows.. so nOw, i presEnt u wIth my SHEPHERD"S PIE =)

                                                                     sHephErd's pIe =P


1 tbsp olive oil
1 onion (diced)
1 carrot ( diced)
2 celery ( chopped) ( i used about a cup of mix vegies)
500g of mince lamb ( i used beef)
2 tbsp of flour
2 cups of beef stock ( i used chicken stock)
1 dried bay leaf ( i omit this)
1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce ( i dont know how to pronounce this word =D)
1 tbsp tomato paste ( i used tomato sauce)
salt and pepper to taste
chilly powder ( iadded this to the original recipe)


1. Heat the olive oil and add in the chopped onions.
2. Once the onions turn translucent, add in the carrot and celery or whatever u got ( i used mix vegies) and fry them for a few minutes.
3. Then, add in the minced lamb ( or beef or u can even try to use mince chicken) and cook them till they turn brown.
4. Add in the flour. This will help to thicken the sauce later.
5. Pour in the stock followed by the bay leaf, Worcestershire sauce and tomato paste.
6. Cook the lamb (or meat) mixture till thickens.i like to keep mind a little bit watery.
7. Season with salt, peper and chilli powder ( if u like it hot like me!!).
8. Pour into your baking dish.

Mashed Potatoes


800g potatoes (diced)
40g butter ( i used margerine)
1/2 cup warm milk
salt and pepper
Shredded mozarella Cheese


1. Bring the potatoes to boil.
2. Mash them while they are still hot.
3. Pour in the milk bit by bit.
4. Add in the butter. The heat from the hot mashed potatoes will help the butter to melt in the potatoes.
5. Season with salt and pepper.
6. Spoon the mashed potatoes over the meat mixture in the baking dish.
7. Baked in the oven for about 30 min at 175C.
8. Sprinkle shredded mozarella cheese on top of the mashed potatoes.
9. Grill for bout 5min more just to let the cheeses melt.
10. Seve. Walla!!

Monday, 18 July 2011

eHem2.. sHephErd's piE anyOne? tuNggUuuuu =P

sALam n heLLo eVeryoNe.. iT's uMi hEre.. hehe.. rini i'm a Bit prodUctIve.. aaa, Jgn sLh fHm Eh.. tHid pRodUctIvE mEanS i hEv bEEn doIng Lots of stuffS sIncE i WokE up dIs mOrnIng.. AcecE.. bGn pagi, As usuAL, on LaptOp dL, then tGk tV.. smBiL2 LayAn kAtUn ( oK, i am a cArttOn fReak =D), i tOlOng mamA tAip eXam quEstIons uTk buDak2 dArjAh 1... oH oH, sGt tEnsIon.. bYk tOL bndA nak tAip and banYak sggH gambAr nak insErt.. weLL, steLh 3 jAm 1/2 ngAdap LaptOp, aBeh La sUdah.. mnDi tRus.. dAh sIap mnDi, muLa prOjEk nK wAt shepherd'S pIe.. dH pOstpOne tHis projEct fOr 2 weEks Ok.. i sPenT aLmost 2 LONG hourS preparIng mY DREAM DISH =P... FinaLlY, thE sHephERd's Pie iS nOw iN tHe ovEn.. tAke a gOOd Look on mY fAce peePs.. i"m sMiLing.. hEhE.. feeLs LikE a jOkEr oK.. haha.. supEr eXciTEd!!!! cAn'T wAit tO tAstE mY 'LONG AWAITED' sHephERd'S pIe !!! picTurEs wiLL uploadEd LatEr.. prAy fOr mE.. prAy to ALLAH, my pIe wIll tAstE gOOd... AminnNn yA rAbbb.. byE =)

Bread Making using A BreadMaker

Hola guys n gurls...
I find that blogging wud b a better way to store our recipes... I punya buku recipe looks messy and unorganized.. Hehehe

Well I'm back in baking... Wholemead Bread is baking in my BreadMaker aka BM
After using this BM for a few times and reading lots of blog posts, there are a few things that should be highlighted while using a BM....

1) The first ingredients that should enter a BM is the wet ingredients... water, eggs, milk etc
2) Then add sugar...salt
3) Add all types of flour that u wanna use ( Put the wholemeal flour 1st if using it)
4) Add in yeast, bread improver, bread softener n other ingredients... ( it is important to make sure yeast and sugar,salt &water do not come in touch b4 switching the BM on)
5) After 10 mins running the BM then only add the butter.....

All these steps wud ensure a better bread being made.....
Why I'm writing this here??? So tat I sendiri tak lupa... Hehehe.....

Layan nickeLbacK sAt jOmmmm..

wOooh, baLek dr Lab, pnAt2 drIve jAuh2 nEh, dNgaQ LagU nickeLbacK pn bEst gAk.. ngEh3.. weLL, niCkeLbaCk iS mY favourIte bAnd.. erRrrr, yG sbetuLnya, i Like nickeLbaCk's fRont mAn, ChaD krOegeR.. hehE.. tP lagU2 dEpA LayAn jUgak.. hIhi.. rIni LayAn fAr away dEngAn sAvin' me.. wUuu, LamA dh LagU2 nEh.. tP bEst.. hEhE.. i dEdicAte the sOng ' fAr aWay' To my eHem2.. hAhA.. eNjOy =)

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Roti Sosej ku

hola guys n gurls... its ku here
well I bought Breadmaker from Cosway last month n began my journey in baking...
punya la semangat baking tapi first few attempts failed.. hahaha..
pembakaran roti tak sempurna jadi rupa roti tak la elok sangat... tapi berkat semangat yg diberi oleh my ever- loving family members... my skills are improving...

memang baking nih dh jadi hobi... hari-hari dok browse thru suma cooking blog n excited tgk pelbagai jenis roti,..this roti sosej was done last night....well the recipe is adapted from http://mamafami.blogspot.com/ with some modifications but I could not find the exact link to the recipe coz I copy the recipe onto a piece of paper.
Thank you MamaFami for your lovely recipes...
Well here it goes....

Roti Sosej with Mix Veg
500gm bread flour
20gm milk powder - I used Fernleaf
1 tsp bread softener
1/2 tsp bread improver
100gm sugar
1tsp salt
11gm yeast
250ml water
50gm eggs
40gm butter
14 sosej- dicelur
mix-vege dicelur
sos cili

1) Put all the ingredients into the Breadmaker and hit the Dough function... After 1 1/2 hours... Ta-da.. ur dough is ready....
2) For designing the bread click here http://www.tiffinbiru.com/2010/04/mix-vege-sausage-bun.html.
3) Bake for 20 mins in a 180deg oven and hurray the bread is done...
Hot from the oven
Not too bad for a second attempt eh... hehehe
  Well.. those are the two pics of my product... mendapat sambutan di rumah.. hehehe
I'm very happy n pleased... Definitely kena buat lagi.. kalau dak rugi ja beli Breadmaker.....

We would like to take this opportunity to thank two main inspiration of our blogs Mr Mat Gebu http://www.tiffinbiru.com/ and Pn MamaFami http://mamafami.blogspot.com/ .. most of our recipes is a remake from yours.... Thanks again....

Well, see you guys soon!!!!!!

bUktI kEtabAhaN kU...

dIs iS wAt we cALL 'rAinbOw cAke' yE.. tErsangAt La tAbAh nYa hAti inI mnghAsiLkn kEk nEh.. xTahAn wOO tgk gMbq kEk ni kt googLe iMagE.. actuaLLy 1sT tIme nmPk gmbq kEk ni Link nI http://www.marthastewart.com/256688/rainbow-cake ye... fUhhh, kaLer bLiaU sggH mengaNcAm.. 7 ari 7 maLam dOk tringAt jA kt Kek nI.. xLenA tidOq wOOo... (ok.. dAt's a Lie =D).. mAka uTk mEnenAngKn hAti kU, wAt jugAk La.. i made tHe cAke fRom scrAtch Ok.. FROM SCRATCH.. ha, Tu dIa.. cApitaL lEtteRs lg.. Haha.. reSepi mCm kT Link tu jugAk.. just PLain whIte cAke.. juSt dIa nye buttErcreAm, tAruk peppErmint essEncE cKit.. favOriTe fLavOur nIh... fuhhh, sDap2.. sOry, terpEraSan cKit.. nEh gmbQ bLiau.. sHory aa gMbq xcUn.. guNa cAmeRa handphOne Je.. HihI.. zAssSss =P

whY bLoggIng? wHy???...

Ok.. tHis is Umi speaKing hEre.. feeLs weIrd hAaaa.. xpeNah2 dA bLog, tEtibA rIni wAt bLog puLak.. aWat tEtibA rIni gAtAi nK ber bLog puLak nI? tU dIa... KLuaq aBeh LOghAt utAra cHek.. hIhi.. aCtuaLLy, dis iDea cAme Out oF sUddEn Lah.. my cO-bLOggEr,Kums (hMMm.. aDa kE cO-bLoggEr? yG cHek tAu, co-superVisOr aDa La.. hEntAm jE La =D), yG bG idea nEh.. nEEd to teLL yoU gUys ( n gUrLs oF cOursE =P), i dont cOOk.. ok La, sBetuL nya, i cooK La tP i wOuLd sAy, i cOOk oncE a weEk? nO..no.. oNce a mOnth i gUess.. hihi.. tP mY fRieNd, kUms hEre, sHe cOOks eVerydAy.. perghhh.. sejujur nYa, sY sGt kAgUmmm.. hEhE.. so pLan aSaL nyA, nK wAt bLOg mAsak2 La kUnun nYa.. tP we'LL see La cMna naNti.. hAha.. tUh je La kOt nK merEpEk uTk aRi ni.. tAtA =P

Our First Post

by Umi n Ku
Hello everyone....
Let us introduce ourselves. We are two young ladies studying Mathematics in a local uni in Malaysia. Our passion to cook has introduced us to the world of blogging. After many failed attempts, we browsed thru many cooking blogs and discovered the secrets to cooking.
Many bloggers selflessly shared their recipes and even step-by-step methods to bake and cook. Thank you to all of them. You have inspired many beginners to a wonderful journey in cooking.
We would try our best to regularly update our attempts and the outcomes. Please feel free to comment and give us ideas for further improvements.

Thank you all..... have a lovely day.....